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A mindful summer | Aurelia Probiotic Skincare

A mindful summer | Aurelia Probiotic Skincare


This entry was posted on 06/05/2019 by Aurelia.

This season why not try something different to indulge in a little mindfulness? If you’ve followed us for a while you’ll know that here at Aurelia mindfulness is something we really encourage. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of relaxation, groundedness and peace you get from the practise. We’ve come up with some slightly different ways of appreciating your surroundings, becoming at one with nature and enjoying the finer things in life!

Get green-fingered

Few things are as gratifying as planting something and watching it grow. From a daffodil bulb to an apple tree, you’ll love the feeling of satisfaction it gives you. Whether you have a window box of acres of land, tending to plants and flowers is a wonderful way to relax and feel at one with nature.

If music be the food of love…

There’s nothing quite as extraordinary as seeing live music. The passion, talent and joy on show when musicians get together is something totally special. Whatever your taste, book a concert this summer, or better yet one of the many music festivals, and enjoy!

Enjoy the outdoors

In the park, garden or somewhere glorious on holiday, enjoy what nature has to offer and sit somewhere surrounded by greenery. Listen to the sounds of the world passing by and switch off for a moment or two. It’ll do you wonders…

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