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The physical appearance affects self esteem and confidence greatly. When an individual perceives the physical as not attractive or appealing, there is the tendency to avoid social relations or events that will place the individual on the spot. Therefore, maintaining younger looking skin has become the endeavor of many, both young and old, and across the geographical or cultural divide.

Most people perceive beauty in terms of the physical representation before thinking about the character or personality of the person. For this reason, a person should take good care of the face to avoid developing conditions like acne. Nutrition has the greatest impact on a person’s appearance. As it has always been stated, a balanced diet will go a long way in giving the body nutrients, longevity and immunity. A healthy diet includes minerals, vegetables, proteins, fruits, carbohydrates and other smaller classes of food. Some items like caffeine, rich drinks, fast food and cigarettes should be done away with. They contain substances that prevent the body organs from circulating the nutrients to the cells. The by-products from these substances are concentrated and they intoxicate the body if it does not get rid of them completely. For instance, caffeine has an effect on the body’s metabolism and it may slow it down. The result is fatigue and the body becomes less active, which means it cannot revitalize its cells as it should.

Above all that, a person should never forget to take sufficient water. The body produces by-products due to digestion, growth and physical exercises. Some of these by products include sweat and dead cells. They stick on the epidermis leaving bad odor and conditions like acne and blemishes. For younger looking skin, a person should try detoxification methods that will cleanse the body and release the toxins. This can be a daily thing using water, or a person can use other detoxifiers. Foods that are rich in Vitamin C help the liver in getting rid of the toxins. A person can also try the 7-day detoxification plan.

Thirdly, exercise is bound to change the aging rate drastically. The muscles are utilized fully and this makes the circulation of blood efficient. Therefore, toxins and other villains in the body are eliminated in the circulation. Basic exercises like walking, the treadmill, skipping rope and cycling are good for the heart, lungs and they also combat stress. If these areas are working efficiently, disease will not affect the body. Exercises like puzzles, scrabble amongst others enrich the mind and invigorate the thinking process. Younger looking skin also depends on the exposure to the sun. If a person is always outdoors and does not apply a sun screen, the side effects will be visible in a short while. Sun burns and inflammations will be plenty. The hydration levels need to be maintained especially during hot seasons. Moisturizers can achieve this. On the same note, the face needs to be cleaned at least twice a day to remove the sweat and oils in order to avoid black heads and acne.

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